New exhibition celebrates Deakin women

IFM IT Manager, Sandy Benness in a photo which represents her career as well as her passion for dancing as a member of the Geelong Bollywood Dance Group.

IFM is well represented in a new photographic exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. Both Sandy Benness and Maria Forsyth are featured in the exhibition  by Deakin photographer, Donna Squire. The photos depict the multi-faceted lives of the women subjects. The exhibition will be at the Geelong Waterfront, Level 2 Gallery until 9 March and at Burwood in the Library Gallery from 13-29 March.

This photo titled ‘Whole of the Moon’ is designed to reflect Prof Maria Forsyth’s passion for clean energy powering the world.

New publications

Research by Dr Hong Wang and colleagues has featured in Advances in Engineering. The work on the ‘Efficient removal of aerosol oil-mists using superoleophobic filters’ features the team’s work to improve filtration efficiency without increasing energy consumption.

The Deakin group, in collaboration with scientists at the China University of Petroleum-Beijing demonstrated for the first time that superoleophobic surfaces could significantly improve the filtration performance of small oil-mists. The work was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Travel award for Pierre

Pierre-Alexandre enjoying himself at another conference.

PhD student Pierre-Alexandre Martin has received a student travel stipend for registration and travel expenses at the Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference in Orlando, Florida in May.

Pierre will give an oral presentation at the conference on ‘Studies of motions and interactions of molecules in ionic liquid electrolytes by NMR’.

IFM joins new EcoTech Network

Prof Lingxue Kong will represent IFM on a new Deakin EcoTech Network, which has received funding under the Deakin University Research Network Scheme.

Prof Don Driscoll in the field.

The EcoTech Network, led by  SEBE’s Prof Don Driscoll, aims to help reverse biodiversity losses and improve links between people and nature.

The network brings together the expertise of 30 Deakin researchers from across the University with a vision to revolutionise wildlife monitoring in a way that engages the community and has quantifiable environmental, health and economic benefits. Lingxue said that IFM would contribute to the network in a number of ways. “We will provide support on materials. We are also talking about DNA detection, image processing and batteries to power the cameras used in wildlife monitoring.

“We will be looking for other IFM researchers to participate as new projects evolve.” For more information about the EcoTech Network and other projects under the scheme see Deakin Research News.


ECR conference award for Thomas

Dr Thomas Dorin has received a prestigious Early Career Researcher award to attend the International Conference on Aluminium Alloys in Montreal in June.

As a recipient of the award Thomas will present a paper in a special symposium under the banner ‘Early Career Research Spotlight’. He will also be recognised at the conference banquet and receive a cash prize.

New project with Barwon Water

Dr Jinfeng Wang has a new project with Barwon Water. The project is an extension of work Jinfeng did supported by an IFM Impact Grant in 2017. In this project she developed a photocatalyst modified filter to control pollution.

The project with Barwon Water is a two-month experimental trial to test the photocatalyst technology on six wastewater types – dairy, meat processing, carpet dyeing, poultry processing, brewery  and malting. It is a great introduction of the technology to a local water water authority and local industry with significant potential for further collaborations.

Deakin and Barwon Water recently signed an MOU and the project will come under that agreement.