Invited professorship for Ludo

Dr Ludovic Dumee has been awarded a position as invited professor at the National School of Chemistry Montpellier (ENSCM). 

Ludo has been working at ENSCM and the European Institute des Membranes (IEM) for the past 3 months as part of his Victoria Fellowship award. In his new position he will occupy the ‘Advanced Separtation Materials for Sustainable Water and Energy’ chair for the next two years.

Ludo said the position was a great honour and he looks forward to supporting the development of stronger ties between Deakin and the ENSCM, leading to new research projects and exchange of researchers. He will also deliver lectures in the area of membrane catalytic reactor design, membrane fabrication and advanced characterization and expects to visit the institute a couple of times a year.

Ludo’s research was also recently featured on the IEM website.

News from ACA conference

 Prof Mike Tan received the Best Review Paper award at the recent Australasian Corrosion Association conference.

Prof Mike Tan presenting at the ACA 2019 conference.

The conference, ‘Corrosion and Prevention 2018’ is the largest corrosion conference and Exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. Deakin researchers delivered 10 oral presentations, the largest representation of any group at the conference.

The next ACA Conference will be held in November 2019 in Melbourne with Prof Tan as the conference’s Technical Chair.

In the news

The jumping spider T. magnus produces milk from a furrow at the base of the abdomen (red square). Image from The Washington Post.

IFM’s Dr Julie Sharp was featured in the Washington Post recently in an article about lactation in spiders. The journalist had previously interviewed Julie about her research on platypus milk and obviously remembered her as an expert in the field, asking her to comment about whether the substance the spiders produce really is ‘milk’. Read more

Jizhen’s nano-art award

IFM student Jizhen Zhang has been awarded second prize in a NanoArt award run by Drexel University in the US.

Jizhen’s image, titled ‘Hellfire’ represents a cross-section of MXene (T3C2Tx) aerogel film prepared using a freeze-drying approach being developed by A/Prof Joe Razal’s group. The combination of MXene flakes and pores forms a flame–like architecture. The MXene aerogel film with highly aligned MXene flakes and connected interspace enables high rate charge and discharge for energy storage applications. This image was captured use a scanning electron microscope. Image width is 0.2 mm.

Jizhen also recently won a travel award ($2500) from the Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) for a long-term (5 week) visit to the University of Wollongong. The ANN has a number of awards and funding support for students and early career researchers. For more information see their website.

Poster prize for Beini

IFM student Beini Zhang was awarded best oral presentation prize at the recent Polymer Vic 2018 workshop, awarded by the RACI.

Beini spoke about her work on dissolving denim and regenerating for new applications. IFM’s Dr Nisa Salim also presented her research on carbon fibre precursors and Prof Maria Forsyth was an invited speaker at the event.

PolymerVic is a two-day technology workshop held each year to highlight world-class polymer research in Victoria. A strong focus of the workshop is highlighting young researchers through the PolymerVic Prize.

NMR poster awards

IFM students Shammi Ferdousi and Isuru Mudiyanselage received poster prizes at the NMR, MRI and Diffusion biennial Symposium in Sydney recently. Four students were nominated to give a 5 minute oral presentation on their poster. Shammi and Isuru both received a $200 cash prize

New projects

IFM researchers have been awarded two new projects under the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology.

  • Development and industrialisation of flame retardant epoxy resin for aerospace carbon fibre composites, led by Prof Russell Varley,  $200K/2 years with a matching contribution from Deakin.
  • High adsorption air purification membranes for ultrafine pollen particles, led by Prof Lingxue Kong, $200K/2 years with a matching contribution from Deakin.

Prof Tiff Walsh has been awarded a new industrial grant​ funded by Rockwool (an international company based in Copenhagen). The project ($1.2M AU total) will be led by Danish Technical University and is concerned with designing new multi-functional materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

New publications

A paper about functional fibres by Xin Wei, a third-year PhD student in Prof Tong Lin’s group has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.

“High-efficiency Low-resistance Oil-mist Coalescence Filtration using Fibrous Filters with Thickness-direction Asymmetric Wettability”, by Xin Wei; Hua Zhou; Feng Chen; Hongxia Wang; Zhongli Ji; Tong Lin, Prof., has now been published online. The work was carried out in conjunction with the China University of Petroleum.

This work is a breakthrough in the field of oil-gas separation. For a long time, the improvement of oil-gas filtration efficiency is mainly based on adjusting filter thickness, filter porous structure and fibre diameter. However, those solutions often lead to large resistance, which increases energy consumption and recues filter lifetime. Our work offers a new concept to design high efficiency, low resistance oil-gas filters. Read more