New ARC Training Centre

IFM researchers are part of a new ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing, announced today.

The new centre with $3.6M funding from the ARC, is led by Monash University. The training centre will attract a total of $7.7M in cash and in-kind support and involve collaboration with 28 participating organisations across three countries.

The Deakin team will be led by Prof Colin Barrow and includes Prof Karen Hapgood, Dr Jacqui Adcock and from IFM, A/Prof Will Gates, A/Prof Alessandra Sutti and Dr Rangam Rajkhowa.

VC awards success

IFM researchers have been successful in the Vice-Chancellor awards with two team awards and one individual researcher success. Congratulations to all the recipients.

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Industry and Employer Partnerships – ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Industry Engagement in Research – MotoCAP Star Rating System for Motorcycle Protective Clothing Initiative
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Mid Career Researcher Award for Research Excellence – Dr Weiwei Lei.

Members of the ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres




Sustainability Vic grant success

Two IFM projects have been successful in the recent RD&D grants from Sustainability Victoria.

  • A project on Recycling Silicon from Photovoltaic Panels for Making Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries – Professor Ying (Ian) Chen and Dr Md Mokhlesur Rahman, with Delaminating Resources – $150,000
  • A project on Catalyst Assisted Polyethylene Recycling for High Value Added Applications – A/Prof Minoo Naebe, with GT Recycling and Qenos – $190,000.

Cath McMahon, Ian Chen, Andrew Rau and Md Mokhles Rahman discuss the new project.

Frater award for Dylan

Congratulations to Dr Dylan Hegh who has received a travel award from the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).

Dylan will use the award to spend two weeks at Cornell University and Drexel University in the USA. There he will facilitate skills and knowledge exchange of advanced nanofibre production and fabric manufacturing between the universities and the ANFF network.

New publications

Associate Professor Minoo Naebe and colleagues have published an invited review paper in the prestigious journal Progress in Materials Science, titled “PAN Precursor Fabrication, Applications and Thermal Stabilization Process in Carbon Fiber Production: Experimental and Mathematical Modelling”. This paper is the first comprehensive review that provides a general understanding of the links between PAN fibre structure, properties, and its stabilization process along with the use of mathematical modelling as a powerful tool in prediction and optimisation of the processes involved. Read more


ANFF winter school

Congratulations to IFM PhD students Jiemin Wang, Cheng Chen and Liangzhu Zhang from the Plasma group who have been awarded funding from the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF)-SA.

Liangzhu Zhang, ANFF-SA research leader Prof Craig Priest, Jiemin Wang, and Cheng Chen.

This funding supported them to participate in the ANFF winter school project at the University of South Australia in July. This project aims to provide training and displays of advanced micro and nanofabrication technologies including photolithography, etching, design and simulation, PDMS devices, microelectrodes and fabry-perot pressure sensor.

Various experts, scholars and entrepreneurs also give lectures and share their experience. During the session, the students also visited the first Australian solar panel manufacturer Tindo Solar and learnt much about the production line.


Student completions

Congratulations to the following students who have fulfilled all the requirements for conferral of their PhD degree:

Shauna SENEVIRATNE The effects of Ficolin and the Fibrinogen-like domain on ex vivo hematopoietic stem cell expansion

Jun Wang Impact of aging on monotonic and cyclic loading of extruded Mg-Zn alloys.

Green team news

IFM Burwood now have their own Green Impact team, introducing a compost bin for food waste and plans for a kitchen garden and other initiatives.

Dr Cristina Pozo-Gonzalo, Murtaza Panhwar, Green Impact coordinator from Deakin Sustainability, Dani Harmshaw and Anna Warrington. Other members of the team are Fernado Ramos, Matt Russo, Kalani Periyapperuma and Urbi Pal.

Meanwhile, the Material Difference team at Waurn Ponds has been busy ticking off actions as the official challenge comes to an end. Some members of the team recently took part in a video to highlight the activities taking place around the University.

Members of IFM’s ‘Material Difference’ green impact team making a video with intern Emma Mederic (second from right).