Welcome to the Holocaust Student Showcase


Created in 2014, this blog is connected to Deakin’s history unit AIH264 The Holocaust. It has two main functions: a private section of the blog hosts the learning modules exclusively for Deakin students enrolled in the unit; the public section of the blog showcases work produced by students.

For their main assignment in AIH264, students are set the challenge of conducting independent research on a chosen topic relating to the Holocaust and then producing a five-minute audio-visual presentation.

AIH264 attracts over 350 students annually, so the presentations featured here represent only a small sample of the kind of student work being produced in the unit.
Three criteria were set for choosing what clips would be published on the blog:

  • excellence (overall quality of work);
  • creativity (presentation of work); and
  • originality (approach to addressing the chosen topic).

This blog was designed not only to provide Deakin history students with an opportunity to publicly showcase their work but, moreover, to serve as a stimulating and informative educational resource for school students and others interested in building their historical knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.

Please click on the Student Work tab to access the presentations and make comments.
A forum for further expressions on the Holocaust in general is available through the Holocaust Forum tab.


– Dr Tony Joel, Unit Chair AIH264 The Holocaust
– Tony Neylan, Deakin Learning Futures, Interactive Media Designer