Special Consideration

Special consideration

Special consideration is intended to help you deal with unexpected short-term setbacks. You may be eligible if circumstances beyond your control prevent you from undertaking or completing an assessment task by the scheduled time and date.

You may be granted special consideration on the following grounds:

  • acute medical condition (hospitalisation, injury or illness)
  • compassionate (family breakdown or death, military, jury or emergency service obligations)
  • hardship/trauma (sudden change in employment or housing situation, victims of crime).

For all the information you need to apply for special consideration, including instructions, what documentation to provide and the possible outcomes of your application, visit the Current Students website.

If you need assistance with applying for special consideration, you should contact a Student Adviser at Student Central. They can help you with your application and give you advice.

If you’re experiencing long-term difficulties that are affecting your assessment performance, consider seeking help from Health and Wellbeing, Financial assistance or the Disability Resource Centre (DRC).

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