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Feel your best with our DeakinWELLBEING app

At Deakin, nothing is more important to us than how you’re feeling. While classes and grades are important, we want you to enjoy your university experience and thrive – personally as well as academically.

DeakinWELLBEING is your one-stop-shop for all things health – both physical and mental. This handy app is available free to all Deakin students, no matter where you’re located.

Based on the five ways to build wellbeing – connecting, being active, taking notice, keep learning and giving – the app makes it easy to find balance and develop healthy habits. The interactive, fun and bite-sized activities, resources and information enable you to take small steps every day to build positive habits, coping skills and resilience.

Features include:

  • a digital assistant/self-care coach named Charley to help you get started and keep you motivated
  • a personalised wellbeing self-assessment, with a report recommending services, resources and emergency services if required
  • interactive tools, videos and podcasts that can enhance relaxation, focus, energy, mood and productivity in minutes, and improve your coping skills
  • a dashboard so you can keep track of your wellbeing goals and see real-time results that highlight your progress
  • opportunities like wellbeing challenges to connect with your Deakin community and support your success at uni and beyond
  • ongoing resources and support.

Download the app now

It’s easy to get started with DeakinWELLBEING – just download from the App Store or Google Play.

Access other support or information

If you ever need some support with your physical, mental or spiritual health, help is always available through our range of health and wellbeing services. You can also find out more about our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

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