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Brush up on your academic skills

To succeed at your university assignments, it’s important to work on your academic skills.

Academic skills are capabilities you will develop throughout your studies that enable you to achieve the requirements of your assessments. If you build strong academic skills, you’ll produce high-quality assignments.

Some important academic skills are researching, note-taking, critical thinking, editing, proofreading and referencing.

We have online Academic Skills Guides you can read to help you improve your academic skills.

Strong academic skills will also help you uphold academic integrity. Academic integrity is about submitting your own work, acknowledging other people’s work, following assignment instructions carefully and always providing truthful information and documentation to Deakin. It’s about acting in an honest, fair and ethical way, and avoiding plagiarism and collusion. There are serious penalties if you fail to uphold academic integrity, either on purpose or by accident.

You can learn more about academic integrity on our dedicated webpage.

If you need guidance to build your academic skills, make a Study Support appointment to speak with one of our Language and Learning Advisers.

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