Ask Counselling

Ask Counselling

If you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or you just need to talk to someone, we’re here for you. Deakin has counsellors at all campuses ready to help you if you’re struggling and need support. The most important thing to remember is you’re not alone, and professional help is available if you need it.

A good place to start is Ask Counselling – a blog and resource for students experiencing emotional or psychological issues, either at uni or in their personal life.

Ask Counselling contains questions asked by Deakin students and answered by Deakin counsellors. You can browse the questions by topic, such as anxietyloneliness or family problems. You might find that other students are feeling the same way you are, and learn some techniques for coping with what’s on your plate.

You can also submit your own question to Ask Counselling. We’ll respond within 72 hours with a tailored reply to your issue – but don’t worry, it’s all anonymous, so no one will know what you’re asking.

Ready to talk with someone?

Ask Counselling doesn’t replace one-on-one counselling – if you feel ready, we recommend you speak to a Deakin Counselling and Psychological Support (CAPS) counsellor. Our team of highly skilled psychologists and social workers offers free and confidential support to students located in Australia. It couldn’t be simpler to arrange a counselling session – book online now.

You’ll have a real-time telehealth appointment with a member of the CAPS team, which means you’ll speak to your counsellor over the phone or via Zoom.

We also have some specialist counsellors available for particular students – you can make your selection when you book:

  • First Nations students can see Kate Towart, Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Counsellor
  • School of Medicine students can see Jacqueline Payne, SoM Counsellor.

If you’re based overseas, you can access free 24/7 local counselling support

Ask Counselling is not a 24-hour service for students in crisis. If you need immediate emergency help, you should contact LifeLine or SuicideLine now.

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