Below are a series of links to recent media articles that are relevant to this project. We neither condone nor endorse particular viewpoints of these articles, but use them to inform our research and ensure its importance and relevance for this cultural moment. 

Crotty, Martin (2018), “Elite boys’ schools like St Kevin’s were set up to breed hyper-masculinity, which can easily turn toxic”, The Conversation. 

Baker, Jordan (2021), “School asked boys to use rating system on girls”, The Age, June 23 and follow up Letters to the Editor on June 24. 

Biddulph, Steve (2021), “Boys need support to become good men”, The Age, February 23. 

Downes, Mary (2021), “Helping boys become respectful men”, The Age, May 22. 

Heffeman, Madeleine and Carey, Adam (2021), “Schools tackle gender culture shift”, The Age, March 10. 

Lesser, David and Chrysanthos, Natassia (2021), “Sex, schoolkids, and where it all goes wrong”, Good Weekend: Sydney Morning Herald, May 15
Letters to the Editor in response

Prosser, Howard, (2018), “More than a haircut: how elite schools are struggling with the pressure to excel”, The Conversation. 

Reynolds, Cody, (2016), “We can see the gender bias of all-boys’ schools by the books they study in English”, The Conversation. 

Tomazin, Farrah and Prytz, Anna (2021). “It’s a ‘man’s problem’, so how do we talk to boys about sexual harrassment?”, The Age, May 4. 

Tuohy, Wendy (2021), “Wesley College boys accused of misogynistic comments on bus”, The Age, March 17. 

Variyan, George, (2021), “‘He had hundreds of pictures me’: of tales of sexism from female teachers in elite boys’ schools”, The Conversation.