Current Stage

Like any research project, there is a lot that happens before the final papers are published! We want to be transparent about where we are up to, and what’s ahead for the research team.

We have successfully completed: 
Application for appropriate research grants
Preparation and submission of ethics application
Literature review work

We are working on:
Preparation of paper for AARE
Recruitment of participants and organisation of interview times

In the future we will be completing: 
Data collection – interviews
Transcription of interviews
Meet with critical reference group (Keddie and Marshall) to discuss key initial findings, and assess the possibility of a NOIS for ARC discovery funding for 2023.
Analysis of interview data
Presentation at AARE and submission of paper to a scholarly journal
Preparation of a further two research papers
Symposiums offered to external stakeholders such as Our Watch
Presentation at an international conference such as ECER
Creation of a resource for school leaders and teachers
Creation and delivery of a public seminar/lecture on at platform such as youtube