The ‘Digital Research in Gender and Sexuality’ First Fridays GSS Postgraduate Workshop with Toija Cinque, Natalie Hendry and Kim Toffoletti was held on 6 September August 2019.


Digital research is rapidly evolving in response to changing technologies, practices and legislation. In this workshop, three Deakin academics working in the digital humanities and social sciences will briefly introduce a recent research project they have undertaken in an online setting. Each will share their experience of conducting digital research, discussing aspects of the process such as research design, data collection techniques and ethical considerations, with a particular focus on critical questions for feminist, gender and sexuality studies researchers investigating digital worlds. These three case studies will be used to facilitate a wider discussion amongst participants on the possibilities and challenges for researching gender and sexuality online. The workshop will also address the recent changes to the National Research Ethics Framework around digital data use, and their potential impacts for conducting gender and sexuality research in digital settings. This workshop is designed for postgraduates conducting digital research, about to embark on a digital research project, or who are thinking of doing so.

About the Speakers

Toija Cinque is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Aspects of her current research examine the Quantified Self, Big Data, AI and Data Cultures. She contributed to the document Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, a response to the CSIRO Data 61 paper (2019). Toija is a lead on a research project being undertaken with CO.AS.IT, Italian Assistance Association. This 18-month initiative will record, archive and showcase (online, in exhibition and documentary) the migration stories of post WWII Italian migrants to Victoria.

Natalie Hendry is a Lecturer in Education (Health and Student Wellbeing) in the School of Education at Deakin University. She is committed to interdisciplinary research using multiple methods including digital methods and visual methods workshops and works with mental health, youth, and esafety services, NGOs, and government departments. Her PhD project explored gendered visibility and the digital practices of young women engaged with psychiatric services in Melbourne. She has previously worked as a teacher in community, secondary and hospital-based education settings, and draws on this experience to translate her research findings.

Kim Toffoletti is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the School or Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University. Her research investigates women’s participation in sport and exercise. She has conducted research into women’s experiences as sport fans, and examined representations of sportswomen in news reporting and on social media. She currently leading a research project exploring Australian women’s use of social media for sport and fitness.

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