Jack Halberstam (Columbia University) presented the ‘First Friday’ seminar on Trans*: Visual Representaiton and the Transgender Body at Deakin Downtown on 5 July 2019. 

About the seminar 

To investigate trans* representation is also to propose that something within trans* representations exceeds the framing of transgenderism. By looking at trans* visuality, we can see what is gained and what remains unpredictable about the popular embrace of transgender bodies, or some of them, and transgender representations. The talk is in three parts: In the first part of the talk, I address where we have been in terms of the history of cinematic representations of gender variant bodies; in the second I address histories of representation drawn from photography archives; and finally, I turn to contemporary popular film and fine arts to see how we might think differently about gender, trans* politics and popular and unpopular culture.

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About the Series

Deakin University Gender and Sexuality Studies holds a public monthly seminar series on the first Friday of each month at Deakin Downtown in Melbourne’s CBD.

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