Lisa Samuels (The University of Auckland) presented the ‘First Friday’ seminar on Transgenre in Tomorrowland at Deakin Downtown on 3 May 2019. 

A recording of the lecture can be accessed here.

About the Seminar 

This talk-performance discusses the androgynous or gender neutral figurations of Eula and the gender work of Fasti and Manda in my bookTomorrowland (Shearsman 2009), with reference to the subsequent CD versions (2012, Lisa Samuels words and music, recording and mixing by Tim Page) and the art film version of the book (2017, directed by Wes Tank). I’m interested in the fact that ‘genre’ and ‘gender’ are effectively the same word in French: not dissimilarly, the genre work ofTomorrowland is expansively trans both in the pressure put on the named principles Eula, Manda, and Fasti and in the multiplication of the work into three different genre versions. I’ll discuss these creative research works as performances of identity thinking in a transnational context, evident in the book version of Tomorrowland and differently available in the audio and cinematic versions. The presentation will include playing samples from the audio CDs and showing the 16 minute art short.

Samples from the CD are available here.

The film can be viewed below. 

About the Series

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