The Gender and Kinship: Locating ‘Women’s Business’ and ‘Men’s Business’ within traditional Australian Indigenous cosmologies Deakin GSS HDR Masterclass was held on 5 October 2018.

A masterclass by Gabrielle Fletcher and Karinda Burns

The implications and influences of kinship in Aboriginal life and social structure are deeply grounded in relationships to Ancestral Beings, specific sites and Country, amongst a host of networks of interconnection. This masterclass will explore traditional Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing, providing the conceptual underpinnings to contextualise the relationalities of gender and kinship in multiple modalities both pre- and post-colonisation. The class will be staged as an interactive, collective experience to facilitate cultural responsiveness.


From the Workshop: Indigenous Ontology


Recommended Readings

Bird, Rose 1996, Nourishing Terrains : Australian Aboriginal views of landscape and wilderness, Australian Heritage Commission, Canberra (pp. 1-15)


About the Speakers

Gabrielle Fletcher is a Gundungurra woman from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. She is an Associate Professor in Indigenous Studies at the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University. She has previously worked within Indigenous spaces at the University of Newcastle; Macquarie University and Curtin University, and has a background in Critical and Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies and Creative Writing. Her work examines Indigenous authenticity in post-colonial spaces, mobilising ficto-criticism and creative non-fiction as strategies of encounter. She is increasingly interested in post-humanism and narrativity. Gabrielle is grounded by her experience in Indigenous community and the responsibilities of remembering.

Karinda Burns is a Ngoonooru Wadjari Yamatji woman from Western Australia, and is currently the Associate Head of Institute as well as being a Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges. She has a background in Law and Education. Karinda has previously worked in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community based organisations, particularly within Indigenous Vocational Education and Training. Karinda is an early career researcher, with her research interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law and jurisprudence and the impact of Australian law on Indigenous peoples.



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