GEM is a major conference held every two years in Australia, with strong international participation. This conference brings the plasma community together to discuss the latest developments and the challenges ahead in the field of plasma research and applications among scientists, engineering and industries from across the world.

The GEM covers all aspects of gaseous electronics and related multidisciplinary topics and applications, including but not limited to:

  • elementary processes in ionized gases
  • electron and positron transport
  • basic studies and diagnostics of low-temperature plasmas
  • basic studies and diagnostics of fusion related plasmas
  • physics of laboratory and space plasmas
  • complex and dusty plasmas
  • plasma processing, materials synthesis, surface/interface
  • plasma nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • plasma in/in contact with liquid and their applications
  • thermal plasmas: physics and industrial applications
  • plasma discharges under extreme and unusual conditions
  • applications of gas discharges and atomic/ion processes: environmental, energy, agriculture, biomedical, sterilization, manufacturing and security

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