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Persuasive and Corporate Writing

“Language tethers us to the world; without it we spin like atoms.”
– Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger

Let’s turn to a familiar maxim – everything you read has been written by someone. How well it has been written may depend on whether or not the company or organisation in question has recognised the need to use a professional writer. No-one in their right mind would entrust their company’s graphics to someone with no training or ability, but we wonder if written text always receives the same reverence. We would argue – of course, we would – that a potential customer is unlikely to persist beyond a poorly written paragraph.
A media release is an example of persuasive writing. Do an internet search, try newspapers, not-for-profit organisations, government departments – you’ll find hundreds. Other examples include letters to the editor, opinion pieces, and even job applications. Corporate writing covers reports, memos, and of course web content. You’ll also find countless examples of reports through an internet search.
The Bringing Them Home Report is a report of some historical significance (You’ll also find some media releases on this site – reporting and persuasive writing are strongly linked!)
For web writing advice try Rachel
And the Yale style guide:

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