This year, IFM Burwood hosted a bi-annual event offering high school students the opportunity to carry out analytic detective work in a real life research environment.

The students were greeted at the group’s research facilities by Professor Maria Forsyth and were given a short lecture by Dr. Matthais Hilder followed by a practical session.

During the practical session, students were given unknown compounds to analyse using infra-red spectroscopy. After getting a first glimpse of the chemical nature of their mysterious compounds, the students were also provided additional pieces of spectral information including NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and UV/VIS spectroscopy. At the end of their visit the students reasoned and brainstormed over the little puzzle pieces provided, eventually piecing them together correctly.

Their teacher Mrs Kate Davis and the students appreciated the time committed by IFM Burwood/ACES researchers Dr. Matthias Hilder and Dr. Ruhamah Yunis, as well as the access to a working research laboratory.

Sona Shekibi