Victorian Early Childhood Research Consortium (VECRC)


The main aim of this group is to provide an on-going space where higher degree students and academics researching in the early childhood field can come together and share their research journeys in a relaxed, supportive environment with the purpose of building research capacity


Tuesday 23 March, 2021

10.00am to 12.00pm


Zoom meeting


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Professional Conversations

Beyond risky play: Children’s and educators risk-taking in early childhood education
This presentation outlines my doctoral research about educators’ perceptions and practices of risk-taking in high quality early childhood education settings in Australia. The presentation will give an overview of the findings, including new ways of thinking about children’s and educators’ risk-taking and a range of factors that support risk-taking in early childhood education.

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Dr Mandy Cooke
Mandy has over 20 years’ experience working in primary and early childhood education in Australia and internationally. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching, a Master of Education and a PhD focusing on early childhood education. Mandy is passionate about the development of thoughtful, innovative and socially just practices that meet the needs of individuals and communities and contribute to a happy and sustainable planet. Mandy’s interests include play, being outdoors, creativity, children’s rights, critical reflection, risk-taking and the concept of flow—for both children and adults. Mandy is based on the Surf Coast of Victoria where she works on achieving flow in both work and play.

For further information/registration please contact Professor Andrea Nolan –  [email protected]

Background to the VECRC

Under Deakin Professor of Early Childhood Education Andrea Nolan’s leadership, the Victorian Early Childhood Research Consortium (VECRC) was established in 2010. This group focuses on building research capacity and facilitates networking and stimulating collaborations between researchers and key stakeholders. The main aim of this group is to provide an on-going space where researchers and those interested in research in early childhood can come together and share their research findings in a relaxed, supportive environment. Membership of the group has grown substantially and currently sits at 83 cross-disciplinary researchers from a number of Victorian universities as well as representatives of key stakeholder organisations. The Agenda for each meeting begins with an update of current happenings in research, conferences, publications etc., followed by a guest presenter to provoke reflection and discussion. Topics from the past three years are listed below: