Play is magical!

Photo: Natalie Robertson

This setting reminded me of getting lost in the adventures of the Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton) as a child. The book ignited my blossoming imagination; fostering endless day dreaming and pretend play with friends. Standing at this space prompted me to reflect on the magic that play provides children through its limitless opportunities, excitement of exploring known and unknown worlds, and supporting friendships. To watch children in play as they transform the physical environment into a new world as an adult/researcher/teacher is equally as magical, as we can catch a glimpse of their navigation of the world around them. Environments don’t need to be structured by adults towards a certain theme. The magic of play is that children are guided by their imagination, and that can be limitless! 


Dr Natalie Robertson is Course Director of  Bachelor of Education (Early Years) program at Deakin University with research interests in children’s dramatic play, play environments, curriculum practices, pedagogy and teacher professionalism.


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