Get involved in DSNN!

We’re hoping as many schools as possible will be able to do their video news report in time for this year’s ‘News Day’ deadline on Friday 31st October 2014.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before News Day:

  • Decide your story ideas and work out what you’ll film and who you’ll interview. There’s advice at ‘Finding Your News’. You can report just one story or several stories.
  • Work out who is going to do what. You may need presenters, story producers, researchers, reporters, writers, camera operators, video editors and IT producers.
  • Work out how to use your DSNN posters, stickers, microphone cube and other materials. We’ve made this video to give you some ideas about these. If you haven’t received your DSNN materials yet, contact the DSNN team.
  • Start filming!! Keep in mind our tips on filming
  • For schools that use iPads, we’ve also just made this video with some tips.
  • Get your teacher to arrange for the participation agreements to be signed and returned to Deakin – (see teacher resources – documentation).
  • If you haven’t received a visit from a DSNN mentor contact the DSNN team to arrange this.
  • Edit your video and then upload it online. Then email the DSNN team with the URL and we’ll put your school’s news on our map!
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