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Get involved in DSNN!

We’re hoping as many schools as possible will be able to do their video news report in time for this year’s ‘News Day’ deadline on Friday 31st October 2014. Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before News Day: Decide your story ideas and work out what you’ll film and who you’ll interview. There’s […]

DSNN Media Day June 2014

DSNN MEDIA DAY AND BBC SCHOOL REPORT CRICKET QUESTIONS Congratulations to all the Deakin School News Network students from Keysborough Secondary College who worked with Deakin Film and Television students in Deakin’s Burwood campus TV studio at the Media Day in June. Big thanks to the producer of NITV’s Marngrook Footy Show for letting us […]

DSNN Reports Featured on BBC Website

BBC School Report has highlighted the work of Deakin School News Network students on their website. The report ‘Melbourne Schools Make the News‘ featured the great reports DSNN students had done so that UK school students could view them as they prepared for their first ‘Practice News Day’ in November. The UK students will go […]

Project news

Congratulations to all the schools who’ve compiled reports for this year’s Deakin School News Network News Day!! You can watch each other’s reports by clicking on the map below. There’s still time for all schools to upload their reports so do contact the DSNN team if you need any help or advice with this. We’re […]

News day announced

This year’s News Day deadline will be Friday 1 November. We hope as many schools as possible will be able to upload a report and we will link these together through our interactive map so that we can all see each other’s stories. Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before News Day: Decide […]

BBC News School Report

BBC News School Report – Reports from DSNN schools will be included in the BBC News Day on 21 March 2013. BBC News School Report – School Report goes Down Under Congratulations to three schools from the Deakin School News Network who became the first ever schools to take part in the BBC’s School Report […]

Deakin School News Network in 2013

Deakin School News Network in 2013 – Send us your news whenever you have something fresh to report! We’re expanding the project in 2013 to encourage participating schools to post their news whenever they have something fresh to report on. If your school is part of the Deakin University Engagement and Access program, then contact […]

Deakin Media Day

Deakin Media Day – 60 students and staff from four DSNN schools took part in the first Deakin Media Day on Nov 23rd 2012. Many thanks to everyone who came from Brauer College, Keysborough Secondary College, North Geelong Secondary College and Newcomb Secondary College. Activities included a ‘hands-on’ work presenting a live news bulletin in […]