Controversial Conversations

A Public Forum on Ethical Issues in Donation and Transplantation


This Public Forum brings together a range of international and Australian experts in the ethics of donation and transplantation, health policy makers and professionals and community leaders, to share their knowledge and experience regarding some of the most important and controversial issues of interest to the Australian public.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for members of the public, health professionals, students, academics, journalists and policy makers to learn about a range of issues, and to be part of a lively conversation with a variety of stakeholders exchanging perspectives and ideas.

By joining this conversation, participants in the Forum will have the chance to share their own views with community groups, health professionals, academics and policy makers, helping to shape future research, practice, and policy in this field.

Each session will begin with a 10-15 minute presentation providing key information about each issue, and will be followed by discussion by a panel of multidisciplinary experts and community leaders. 

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