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Meet Saqib

Name: Saqib Ali
Age: 18
Diploma: Communication
Likes: Italian food, Frozen 2, BTS, the word ‘specificity’
Dislikes: Justin Bieber

We recently sat down with one of the core members of this blog– Saqib Ali, a Diploma of Communication student from Pakistan to discuss all things school, life and finding the right balance between both. Read our interview below:

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So, what made you choose this program (Diploma of Communication) in the first place?
Well, I really want to major in journalism at Deakin University but I felt like it would be so much better for me to start in Deakin College first to help me prepare and transition better.

What were your expectations before entering Deakin College?
I was expecting a college that doesn’t limit students to simply working and studying inside a classroom. And it exceeded my expectation because all the units have done that pretty well. College has supportive staff, and a really good curriculum and format of studying to especially help us international students. And the people here are lovely.

What has been the highlight of your studies so far?
I love that the assignments have been so practical and relevant to the units. Like in ‘Making Social Media’ we’ve made blogs and podcasts and in ‘News Reporting’ we’ve made interviews and videos.

What unit sticks out to you the most and why?
So far it’s been News Reporting with John. The assignments allow us to really practice and apply the concepts we learn outside of the classroom.

Now that you’re about to enter your last semester, describe your first year here at Deakin in 3 words.
Unexpected. Joyful. Eye-opening.

What has helped you the most in getting high marks?
It’s definitely been all about focusing on the lectures and understanding them fully. Asking the right questions and really knowing what to do in each assignment.

What advice can you give future students?
Don’t extremely stress yourself out, it’ll hurt you more than it will benefit you.

What are you looking forward to doing most next semester?
I plan on joining more clubs and meeting new friends. I want to keep working on my studies and hopefully get two additional high distinctions.

As a working student, how do you balance studying and work?
I make sure they never coincide, and I focus on what I’m doing at the moment. If I’m working, I’m focused on the work that’s in front of me and when it’s time to study, all my attention is put on that.

After living in Melbourne for almost a year, what do you love most about this city?
I love the diversity. I love the (crazy) weather. I love that you will find more than 50 cultures and interracial couples in a day. I love the cultural differences and learning about different opinions– it interests me so much.

And finally, as your transfer to Deakin University approaches, what are you most excited about?
I can’t wait to dive deeper into journalism. The fact that we’ll have placements really excites me. Having an office job is not something I see myself doing in the future. I want to be able to do something different. I want to be able to experience the world and experience different cultures. So I’m very much looking forward to experiencing and learning more about the workplace and industry I want to be a part of.

Interview: Theodora Suryateja & Isabel Vilchez
Text:  Isabel Vilchez
Image: ‘Portrait of Saqib’ by Hà Nhật Duy

meet our teachers

Dr Wendy Beatty

Academic Coordinator

Diplomas of Communication, Design, Film TV and Animation

Alison Cutler

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Communication, Public Relations

Tim Dobbyn

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Communication, Digital Media, Film Studies

Dr Brett Farmer

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Communication, Advertising, Film Studies

Stephan Hitchins

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Design, Design Thinking

Todd Johnson

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer

Kristina Kraskov

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Photography, Film Production

Jack Parry

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Animation, 3-D Technologies

John Mullen

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Communication, News Reporting, Public Relations

Paul Rogers

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer

Bob Tan

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Communication, Digital Media

Dr Adrian Tong

Unit Coordinator / Lecturer
Design, Digital Media

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