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Purple tealight candles

30 April 2024

Light a candle in memory of those affected by family violence

Each year, on the first Wednesday in May, Safe Steps holds a Candlelight Vigil to remember those lost to family violence in the last year.

Join us this Wednesday 1 May for Domestic Violence Remembrance Day. You’re invited to join with Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre and communities across Victoria to light a candle and pay tribute to those we’ve lost due to domestic or family violence. This issue touches people from diverse backgrounds, encompassing various forms of abuse beyond just physical harm. The Safe Steps Candlelight Vigil serves as a reminder to speak out, break the silence surrounding domestic and family violence, and seek help if you’ve been affected.

On Wednesday 1 May, landmarks in your area will turn their lights purple from 6–6.45pm.

The Deakin CUBE at Waurn Ponds, Waterfront and Burwood will also be lit in purple during this time. We encourage all members of our Deakin community to take some time to engage in this evening of reflection and remembrance.

You can also get involved by:

Watch the Candlelight Vigil 2023 highlights below.

Are you experiencing family violence?

If you’re currently experiencing, or have experienced family violence, or would like support or advice, please reach out. To help you or someone you know understand what to do, Victoria Police has produced a video in 26 languages.

In an emergency

Support at Deakin and in the community

There’s a range of Deakin and community-based support services available, some of which are available 24 hours a day.

If you’re on a permanent or temporary visa and are experiencing family violence, it may help to know that seeking help will not affect your visa status. Contact the Department of Home Affairs for information and support.

Interested in learning more about preventing interpersonal violence in the Deakin community? Check out the Respect at Deakin module.

Do you know how to respond if someone tells you they have experienced family violence?

We know that when people experience family violence, sexual harm or other forms of abuse and disrespect, the first person they tell is likely to be someone they trust. Would you know how to respond or where to find appropriate support?

If you’re not sure, or would like to feel better prepared, we encourage you to participate in training on Family Violence and Sexual Harm: How to support others. Upcoming workshops are available in-person. Click the links below to see more information and to register.

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