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9 April 2024

Learn how you can use generative AI responsibly to benefit your learning

You’ll have likely encountered generative artificial intelligence (genAI) tools in your life and studies. These are systems which use machine learning to automatically generate content, such as text in the case of ChatGPT, based on a user prompt.

As an innovative and proactive educator, Deakin welcomes you as a student to develop your awareness, knowledge and skills to use these technologies ethically and responsibly so you can graduate as a digitally fluent citizen and employee. We are already seeing AI-assisted tools adopted in many professional workplaces. 

But it is important for you know how you can use genAI in a way that benefits your learning while engaging with it critically and ethically.

Deakin guide to using generative AI

To help you with this, we’ve put together, co-designed with Deakin students, the new Deakin guide to using generative AI in your studies. This guide provides a handy checklist of tips, potential risks and questions to ask yourself when using generative AI for different study tasks.

You may wish to also check the Library guide to using genAI.

Guidelines for use

If you want to explore using ChatGPT or other AI tools to assist with your assignments or research, you should:

Remember to always read assessment instructions carefully and check with your unit chair if it is acceptable to use genAI in your assessment.

By following this guide, you can use generative AI as a valuable tool to assist you in your research and writing. Understanding how to use these tools correctly is essential to avoiding breaches that could impact your successful course progression and possibly even your graduation.

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