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Students chatting in Hosier Lane, Melbourne

31 January 2023

New to Deakin? Make friends as we take an adventure around Melbourne for DUSA O’Day!

Are you a new first-year student at Deakin?* Do you want to make some new friends and start 2023 with an exciting escapade?

Join us in Melbourne for DUSA O’Day! We will first meet in the city, where we’ll introduce you to your fellow students before we split into teams and embark on an exciting city-wide ‘Murder Mystery’ scavenger hunt. Then, to wind down after our day of exploring, we’ll finish off by kicking back to enjoy a film at Moonlight Cinema.

O’Day is a great way to make new friends and get your first year at uni off to a great start before Trimester 1 classes begin. You’ll meet other first-year Deakin students from similar courses, who are just as nervous and excited as you, and forge friendships that will see you through your time at Deakin. 

Friday 24 February 2023, 10am–8pm
Melbourne CBD
Register now

For full information about costs and inclusions, visit the DUSA website. Tickets are limited, so get in quick!

Discounted rates are also available for DUSA members, so why not sign up to DUSA first? A DUSA membership will make your university experience better by helping you save money, forge friendships and gain access to all the fun activities happening both on and off campus!  

*DUSA O’Day is open to new undergraduate students commencing in Trimester 1, 2023.

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