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ArtsED students studying together on campus

2 September 2022

You must pass the LANTITE to teach – join our sessions to be prepared

The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) is mandated by the Federal Government. All Teacher Education students must complete and pass this test in order to work in the teaching profession. 

If you commenced your course from 2017 you cannot graduate without passing the LANTITE, so it’s important that you prepare appropriately.

There are four opportunities every year to take the test. The next test period for 2022 is in November. Full details of registration and testing dates can be found on the ACER website.

Do you want to be fully prepared for the LANTITE?

Academic and Peer Support Services will run four two-hour online Study Hall sessions as preparation for the Numeracy and Literacy test. Experienced Maths and Writing mentors will provide tips and strategies on how to approach and answer questions in both numeracy and literacy. We recommend you access ‘Overview of LANTITE’ on the Deakin LANTITE resource page before attending the online session.

You are welcome to register for more than one session.


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