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Student Ani Prakash

15 July 2022

Win a share of $4400 and boost your CV: be part of the Bowater Business Challenge

The Deakin Bowater Business Challenge (DBBC) is a competition for undergraduate business and law students, who work in a team to research and develop a presentation on the future of a selected industry.

2021 participant Ani Prakash, whose team won the competition and scored $2000, says that it’s a fantastic way to develop your problem-solving skills, graduate employability and industry networks – and it looks great on your CV.

Below, Ani shares what it was like to take part in the 2021 DBBC and how the competition has helped his career aspirations.

Student Ani Prakash‘In 2019, my Business/Law Mentor told me that what you put into your university experience is exactly what you will get out of it. This has stuck with me ever since.

‘In an ever-competing graduate job market, employers are actively looking for well-rounded candidates who can balance their degree on top of extra-curricular, part-time work and demonstrate an ability to apply their textbook theory to the real world.

‘While I’m sure this isn’t the first time you heard about the importance of getting “real-world experience”, no one talks about how to get it. It can feel like the job market is a catch-22 where you need the experience to get a job, but you can’t get experience because you don’t have a job.

‘Well, if that sounds like the pickle you are in, then the DBBC is right up your alley.

‘In 2021, I teamed up to form the Business Titans, supported by our academic mentor Dr Matthew Lister. We were tasked to explore a solution for INHAABIT, a Melbourne-based AR start-up looking to expand overseas.

‘Our team won the competition and took home a prize of $2000, but, most importantly, I brought home an experience that formed the bedrock of my cover letters for applying for jobs.’

Interested? Here’s how it works

The DBBC is open to all current undergraduate business and law students. Working in teams of four, you’ll research and develop a presentation on the future of a selected industry. This year’s challenge is to establish a viable system of micro grants, loans and training for Australian youth entrepreneurs.

You can enter as a team of four or as an individual – we’ll allocate individuals to a team. Winning teams will be awarded cash prizes.


Applications and more information

Hurry – apply online by Friday 29 July.

Need more info or have a question? Email [email protected] or visit the DBBC webpage.

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