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Berry and yoghurt bowl

24 May 2022

Brainfood: healthy and delicious snacks to fuel your exam revision

As you prepare for your final T1 assessments and exams, remember that eating healthy can help you stay focused while you’re powering through your study sessions.

Research has found that dietary nutrients are critical to the structure and function of your brain, so eating well could have a profound impact on your mental robustness. Maintaining a healthy diet packed with brain-boosting foods to support you through your day is a must.

When it comes to selecting the best ingredients for your health, Samantha Dawson, who completed a PhD at Deakin University’s School of Medicine, promotes a whole-of-diet approach.

‘Let’s consider someone who eats a lot of processed food – consuming one serve of a “superfood” is unlikely to make a noticeable difference to their overall health,’ she says.

Instead, Samantha suggests focusing on improving overall diet quality and fibre intake by regularly eating plenty of fresh plant-based ingredients, and cutting down on sugar and processed foods.

So if you’re worried about losing your study momentum, we’ve got you covered. Try these brainfood recipes:

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