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28 April 2022

‘Invaluable’: Law student Catherine explains how the new BusLaw Student Toolkit can boost your study skills

Could you use a little help navigating your course and assessments? The recently launched Business and Law Student Toolkit is here to help you do just that!

Here, student and Business and Law Mentor Program Team Leader Catherine Butchart talks more about what the Toolkit comprises and how it can help you get the most out of your studies.

Catherine ButchartWhen I first started at Deakin, the prospect of undertaking tertiary education was daunting. In the first few weeks of being a law student, I was overwhelmed with juggling my unit content while ensuring I engaged socially with other students. I felt I had little time to dedicate to learning how to research effectively and structure some of my assessments.

Our faculty has developed the Business and Law Student Toolkit. It’s a resource that can be used by all students, including new students, returning students, and those who just want to brush up on their skills. We have all been there trying to complete our assessments, using reputable links and not quite so legitimate websites to find answers on how best to structure our assessments or undertake good research. Now those questionable searches can be set aside (and save you precious time) as the Toolkit provides you with all the foundational knowledge you need to complete your units with confidence.  

As a student mentor this resource has been invaluable. I can direct students who need extra support to have a look over the information available. It is of benefit to all Business and Law students, who have access via the tiles on DeakinSync, as the Toolkit provides knowledge on various skills including Communication and Teamwork. It also provides information on using Excel spreadsheets, provides law students with all the information they need regarding their legal skills, and helps students using maths and statistics in their units to succeed.

It’s a great resource for new students. There is further information on most of your foundational first year units to provide additional support outside of unit staff hours. For students undertaking units beyond first year who want to brush up on their skills (we have all been there where the long summer break turns our academic brains off) there is support for some of your advanced units.

The Toolkit was developed in consultation with Student Partners, Unit Chairs, Librarians, and Learning Advisors. This means that you can directly learn from the issues students have faced in the past undertaking their studies and assessments. Better yet, the Toolkit is solution focused so that you can unpack difficult concepts in an easy step by step manner. It is the perfect resource to answer those pressing questions you have for those late-night study sessions or finalising your assessments right up to those 8pm deadlines when your unit staff might be unreachable.

Are you struggling with any concepts in your course? If so, I highly recommend having a look through the relevant Toolkit links (below). You can also watch Dr Wendy Webber’s demo on using the Toolkit.

Access the Business and Law Student Toolkit now!

The Business and Law Student Toolkit is now available to help you succeed in your studies. You can access the Toolkit via CloudDeakin or the tile in DeakinSync, or directly access the specific sections of the Toolkit for the following skills below.

We also welcome any feedback or suggestions that you would like to supply to improve or add to the knowledge base. All feedback can be sent to [email protected] to improve the success of your studies.

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