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21 February 2022

Returning to study in T1? Get up to date with some important changes to DeakinSync

If you didn’t study in Trimester 3, 2021 and haven’t logged on to any Deakin platforms in a while, you may not know that there’s been some pretty big changes while you’ve been away!

In October last year, we launched the new DeakinSync, your online learning portal that has access to everything you need to succeed at Deakin.

In the lead-up to Trimester 1, we encourage you to take some time to explore DeakinSync and get to know what’s changed – including the new layout, navigation and features. To help, check out our handy intro videos, which take you on a tour of the site and explain how to make the most of this awesome resource. 

For all students except HDR:

For HDR students:

There’s also a range of helpful articles and FAQs, so check these out if you have any specific questions.

What’s changed

With its cleaner and simpler design, and greater accessibility on mobiles and tablets, you’ll find it so much easier to access all your uni essentials on DeakinSync. Key features include:

We’ll also continue to use your feedback to make further refinements and improvements to DeakinSync.

Need some help?

Having trouble using the new DeakinSync, or are your course progress, units, course sites and resources not displaying correctly? Just contact the IT Help Desk, which you can also access from the ‘Help and support’ menu in DeakinSync.

And while you’re here …

It’s not just DeakinSync that’s had a makeover – there’s also been some changes to Deakin Card and printing on campus since the end of Trimester 2.

You can no longer put money on your Deakin Card or top up your balance. From Thursday 31 March you also won’t be able to use it to pay for any purchases you make on campus or online.

The best part is that you no longer need to put money on your Deakin Card to print on campus. You’ll still use your card to access printers and release your jobs, but it won’t cost you anything. Yes, you read that right – printing is now free!

Read more about how Deakin Card has changed.

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