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Elite athlete precinct at Waurn Ponds Campus

17 December 2021

Five Deakin elite athletes awarded AIS Education Scholarships!

We’re thrilled to announce that five Deakin elite athletes have received Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Education Scholarships, which support athletes to be successful in sport, education and life.

Deakin’s recipients are among 37 athletes from 19 sports and 21 tertiary institutions who’ve been awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships (supported by the John and Myriam Wylie Foundation).

John Wylie, former Chair of the Australian Sports Commission, emphasises that sporting success doesn’t have to be at the sacrifice of other ambitions, especially education and career pathways. ‘If we can encourage more athletes to engage with education at the start of their sporting careers, we’ll no doubt have more successful leaders emerging from sport and into their communities,’ he says.

Congratulations to our deserving elite athletes!

Elite-athlete and student Kristina BatesKristina Bates (Hockey Australia): Bachelor of Laws

‘I strive for excellence in all areas of my life, and education is another mechanism to apply myself. My studies represent an exciting challenge and personal growth.

‘Education is the pursuit of self-improvement, which as an athlete is part of my personal identity and work ethic. This education grant has allowed me to dream.

‘Whatever my future holds, be it in sport or a career in law, or both, I feel confident that I can apply myself in whatever endeavour or path I choose.’

Elite-athlete and student Alexander EnglishAlexander English (Australian Fencing Federation): Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

‘This scholarship provides financial support towards my studies, which in turn assists me with balancing training, studying and work.

‘Outside of my fencing career, I aspire to become an exercise physiologist to promote health and wellbeing through exercise and movement.

‘Having the support from the AIS Education Scholarship program also assists my fencing career, as it is primarily self-funded.’

Elite athlete and student Kristy HarrisKristy Harris (Boxing Australia): Bachelor of Psychological Science

‘I am a passionate boxer, but I’m also passionate about being an advocate for mental health. This has led me to study Psychological Science, which I am loving and am excited to pursue a career as a psychologist or councillor, specifically working with troubled youth.

‘I aim to combine my passions of physical activity and mental health awareness to help others.’

Elite athlete and student Mackenzie MielczarekMackenzie Mielczarek (Athletics Australia): Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

‘It’s really important to me to undertake further education, as it keeps my life balanced and ensures that I have career options once I stop track and field.

‘I would love to compete and be an athlete forever; however, I know there will come a time when I will no longer be an athlete.

‘This scholarship is so important to me because it allows me to focus on my sport and education without the stressor of financial responsibilities.’

Liam TwomeyLiam Twomey (Triathlon Australia): Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

‘To be so passionate about triathlon, the process of getting better is important, but I know it can’t be the only thing in my life.

‘I want to know I’ve been able to learn and find a vocation that I can go to when it is time for me to transition out of being an athlete, and move into a field I love working in, as much as I enjoy my time as a triathlete.’

A key feature of this year’s expanded program is supporting athletes with education earlier in their high-performance sporting careers. More than three-quarters of athletes awarded scholarships in this round are categorised as ‘Developing’ or ‘Emerging’, the first two steps on an Australian athlete’s journey to becoming an international medallist.

A second round will open in March 2022. Find out more about the AIS scholarship program and Deakin’s Elite Athlete Program.

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