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4 November 2021

Your vaccination questions answered: student FAQs

**Updated 6 February 2022**

We all want Deakin to be the safest possible environment for study and work. That’s why we’re aiming to become a fully vaccinated community, working closely with the government and aligned with Victoria’s COVIDSafe settings and public health orders.   

Are Deakin campuses open?

What is Deakin’s COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure?

Following extensive consultation through January, Deakin’s COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure has now been approved by the University Executive and is effective from 31 January.

The Procedure outlines Deakin’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements as part of the University’s commitment to providing a safe on-campus learning and working environment and protecting the health and safety of all University students, staff, contractors and visitors who attend Deakin campuses or locations. You can find the final procedure in the Policy Library.  

If I am fully vaccinated, can I attend campus? 

How do I provide proof of vaccination?

You need to complete Deakin’s Vaccination Status form, including uploading your proof of vaccination. You will receive a confirmation of submission email immediately. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive it.

Once your vaccination status is verified (within three working days), you will receive a vaccination status confirmation email. Please keep this email for your records. When you visit a campus or Deakin facility, you will need to show this confirmation email and evidence of your check-in via the Service Victoria app if requested by Deakin Security. 

Please note: If you require urgent confirmation to attend the campus, please advise via reply email to the first confirmation of submission email, adding URGENT to the subject line of your email. 

What is Deakin accepting as proof of vaccination?

There are three ways you can show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations:

You can use the Services Australia tool to find out the easiest way to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations, based on your situation.

I’ve already provided my vaccination status via email or InPlace. Do I need to provide it again?

Yes, you must resubmit your proof of vaccination via Deakin’s Vaccination Status form

I’m both a current student and staff member. Do I have to submit my proof of vaccination twice?

Yes, you will need to complete Deakin’s Vaccination Status form twice, through both your staff and student login.

If I’m partially vaccinated, can I attend campus? 

There are transitional arrangements for partially vaccinated students that need to attend campus for experiential learning activities. Please contact Student Central if you need to discuss these arrangements.

What transitional arrangements are available?

Transitional arrangements allow for students to attend experiential learning where online learning cannot be achieved. This includes attending assessments and classes irrespective of vaccination status. Please contact Student Central if you need to discuss these arrangements.

Students who are subject to the transitional arrangements are not permitted to attend other areas on campus such as cafes, libraries and study spaces, as per the public health orders.

If I am unvaccinated, can I attend campus? 

Unvaccinated students without a valid exemption, that are not subject to a transitional arrangement, are unable to attend campus. 

What if I choose not to get vaccinated?

The University respects your right to refuse a COVID-19 vaccination and/or your choice not to show your vaccination evidence. However, failure to do so may mean that you are unable to attend our campuses.

Please contact Student Central if this decision impacts your course plan, experiential learning or placement.

Read more about vaccination requirements

Which vaccines are approved in Australia?

The Department of Health and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have approved the following COVID-19 vaccines for use in Australia:

I have a vaccination exemption and want to attend campus – what should I do?

Under the new COVID-19 vaccination exemption requirements, if you meet the eligibility for a defined ATAGI exemption requirement, you will need to upload an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) immunisation medical exemption form (IM011) added to your health record. You can supply this evidence from the Service Victoria App when you complete Deakin’s Vaccination Status form. You can only obtain this completed AIR form from your doctor.

My faith prohibits me from participating in the vaccine program – what should I do?

Unvaccinated students can continue to study online where this is an available option. These measures will remain in place until Monday 31 January 2022 for students taking on-campus units, or until further information is made available from the government about COVID-19 controls for the unvaccinated members of our community.

Am I required to come to campus now? 

Victoria’s COVIDSafe settings currently indicates that students should continue to study from home if they can; however, timetabled experiential learning is continueing on our campuses.

Where experiential learning is not required for Trimester 3, students can continue to study from home.

Will I have to provide evidence of booster vaccinations? 

As public health requirements and opportunities for booster vaccinations evolve, we will update students about how to maintain a fully vaccinated status. We aim to ensure that we have accurate records of the current vaccination status of all students and staff, and will comply with all government directions. 

Where can I get help and further information?

We will update you whenever any new rules affect you. Stay up to date with the latest information on our COVIDSafe website and check out the following resources for helpful information:

Still have questions? Contact .Student Central

Thank you for playing your part in bringing Deakin back to its vibrant and dynamic best. We can’t wait to see you on campus soon!

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