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7 September 2021

All you need to know about T2/S2 exams and final assessments

The Trimester 2 exam period is next month – from Monday 11 to Friday 22 October. The Semester 2 exam period is held in November with the exam timetable released on Monday 4 October. If your units include exams, you must be available to sit them during this timeframe.

Most exams and final assessments will be delivered online through your CloudDeakin unit site. Some courses/units with accreditation requirements also have on-campus exams. If this applies to you, you’ll have received an email to your Deakin email address.

Here’s how to get yourself ready for exams.

Check your exam details

Understand how online exams/final assessments will work

Online exams/assessments may comprise the following options:

Make sure your time zone information is accurate

If you’re based in another time zone, make sure you:

Know what to do if you have an on-campus exam

If you’re required to attend a physical exam location (on-campus), due to accreditation requirements or special arrangements, it’s essential that you prepare early:

Get study support

Study Support has a range of tools, services and resources to help you prepare for exams. Our in‑depth academic skills resource includes tips on revising for an exam and how to manage the exam on the day. You can also find some hints and tips from a student mentor. There’s even a handy relaxation technique you can try. 

Plan ahead to access resources

When preparing for your assessments, especially open-book exams, be mindful that there are limited concurrent licences for some online textbooks. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to access these during exam periods. Please talk to your unit chair or refer to our Study Support resources about how best to prepare.

Manage your workload and do some practice exams

Managing your time effectively is an important part of studying for your exams. Use our study workload planner to figure out how to fit your study time around the other commitments in your life.

Get together with your study group and write practice quizzes for each other. You’ll get as much from researching and writing your quiz as you will from answering your study group’s quizzes. You can use apps like GoConqr to create quizzes or pick something else from Study Support’s set of digital study tools. You’ll also be given opportunities to do some practice exam activities as part of your unit.

Access technical support if needed

During your exam it is important to remember to:

If you have any issues accessing your unit sites or online exam material, or you need help with any of the digital platforms or tools required to complete an online exam/assessment, contact Deakin’s IT Help Desk as soon as possible:

During the exam period – Monday 11 to Friday 22 October – Deakin’s IT Help Desk support will be available at the following times (AEST):

If you have any further questions, visit the General exam information page – and good luck!

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