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21 July 2021

Got a compelling business idea? Join the Deakin Startup Competition – there’s big prizes up for grabs!

Have you got a startup idea that won’t leave you alone? Have you always been a little too shy to try when it comes to the world of business and entrepreneurship? The Deakin Startup Competition may be perfect for you!

What is the Deakin Startup Competition?

The Deakin Startup Competiton aims to welcome, inspire and encourage Deakin students, staff, and alumni to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit in a manner that is part competition, part learning experience.

Am I eligible to enter?

If your team has at least one student, Deakin staff member or alumni the answer is yes! This inaugural competition, being run by SPARK Deakin, is focused on participation and having the courage to try. There is a program of workshops with experienced facilitators and guest presenters to support you in the registration period, so no prior experience is required.

Please note that all sessions will be run online.

Don’t let a lack of experience put you off bringing your entrepreneurial vision to life – this is an opportunity where you’ll be given support and a platform to develop, test and pitch a startup idea. If you have a more developed idea, or consider yourself a seasoned entrepreneur, you are also welcome to participate.

If you are a female business founder, international student or your study relates to arts, health and environment we encourage you to apply. It’s easy to think that you don’t know enough, or your idea isn’t ‘there’ yet, but that is often the perfect time to apply. 

What’s in it for me?

Aside from the knowledge, experience and confidence you’ll accrue from working with our expert facilitators and your fellow participants, there’s a total prize pool of $25,000 up for grabs! Prizes include cash, in-kind credits from Google and Amazon, plus a range of other perks. Winners will be announced at a Showcase event in September 2021, and workshops are available to help you refine your submission and guide you through the whole process.

Yes! I’m ready to apply! 

Great! Submit your expression of interest today via the official registration form on the SPARK Deakin website. Registrations are now open and close at midnight on August 22 2021

Important dates

Where can I find out more?

You can find all the competition details, dates and registration from via the SPARKDeakin website. Good luck and we look forward to helping you make your startup dreams come true! 

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