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22 June 2021

Simple ways you can connect with other students

Are you new to Deakin in 2021 and looking to meet some uni pals? Maybe you’re returning to campus this year but you’re feeling a little shy following a year in and out of lockdowns. And how can you get and stay in touch with your peers if you’re studying online via the Cloud Campus? Whatever your circumstances, here are some easy ways you can reach out to your fellow students and make some meaningful connections this study period.

Join a club

If you want to get involved in both online and face-to-face events and activities, consider joining DUSA, the Deakin University Student Association. They host many student clubs and societies based on a wide variety of interests, sports and demographics, so you’re sure to meet some like-minded friends this way.

Drop by to say hi at OFest!

DUSA OFest will kick off from the beginning of OWeek (5 July) and run until 16 July as a series of on- and off-campus social activities. We’ll help get you settled into university life, and have you meeting and mingling with new uni pals over good food, good music and all sorts of fun and games! We’ll be running all on-campus events in a COVIDSafe way so make sure you check out the DUSA website for more information and register for any OFest events you’d like to attend.

Attend an event

Whether you’re looking to get creative, learn or take a refresher on essential academic study skills throughout T2/S2, or even catch up and have a giggle with your fellow students, we’ve got an event to suit all interests! There’s heaps of face-to-face and online events, short courses, and webinars for you to browse on the Deakin Life Events webpage.

Participate in unit discussion boards

Make sure you regularly visit the discussion board on your unit site via DeakinSync. If you’re new to a unit discussion board, introduce yourself with a post. You can also ask a question to let everyone know you’re looking to chat with others about the subject. If you see that anyone else has posted in the discussion board, post a reply. Joining in with the discussion is a great way to make a connection and engage with your peers.

Take part in a Students Helping Students program

Are you new to Deakin this study period? Students Helping Students programs are run by peer mentors – experienced Deakin students who are trained to help new students find their way at university. Joining a peer mentor program is a great way to make friends who are studying the same units as you. 

Follow us on social

Don’t forget to follow Deakin Life on Facebook or Instagram. No matter where you’re studying, you can also join one of Deakin’s Facebook groups to connect with other students and find plenty of hints and tips about succeeding in your studies. You can join any of the following Facebook groups that are relevant to you:

To get started, you could create a post and let everyone know what you’re studying and what you’re hoping to get from joining the group. There’ll be a lot of students in a similar situation who can share their experiences and provide advice. If you want, you can let everyone know what area you’re from and find some students who are studying close by. You can also use the ‘search this group’ function to search for course names, unit names and codes to find other classmates who are looking to make a connection.

Check out Deakin Buddies

Connecting with some study buddies can improve your learning in many ways. Studying with others can keep you motivated and improve your understanding of your course material, in addition to helping you build a network of friends and supporters. 

If you’ll be studying exclusively online this trimester and you’d like to meet people to study with and share your experiences, we encourage you to join Deakin Buddies – an app designed to connect you with other Deakin students. Once you register for Deakin Buddies, you can search for other registered students who study the same units or course as you and/or who are living in the same local area.

Strike up a conversation on campus

If you’re coming to campus for a formal learning activity or you’re simply heading in to hit the books at the library, seize the opportunity to meet with friends old and new! Deakin has so many new and returning students on campus in Trimester 2/Semester 2 who will be looking to connect with you. University is a great time to forge lasting friendships so shake off any shyness and enjoy your time exploring our vibrant campuses – you never know who you might meet!

Heading to campus? Help us stay COVIDSafe. All students coming to campus should be aware of the guidelines outlined in Deakin’s COVID-19 FAQs, including using the Service Victoria QR code to check in across campus.  

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