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Published 4 May 2021

Library Basics Part 7: Ethical use of information

Part of your responsibility as a university student is to be an ethical user of information. Not sure what that means? Being an ethical user of information includes respecting copyright and licences (terms and conditions), as well as referencing where required. Everyone at Deakin needs to know about their copyright obligations and how those impact their studies.

Which photos, piece of music or articles are OK to share or reuse? What difference does it make if you’re a student? Who owns the copyright of your assignments? And what’s Fair Dealing, anyway?

Don’t feel overwhelmed! The answers to these questions can be found on the library’s Copyright webpages. We make accessing and absorbing this information easy.

You can also learn more by taking one of our online, self-paced Copyright Modules. We especially recommend Module 3, Copyright for your Studies, which lays out your obligations when using copyrighted work in your research and assessments.

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Are you in your first trimester at Deakin or returning to study after a break? We’ve got you covered. Each week, we’re sharing a library tip, tool or service we think you should know about. The library is key to your success at  uni – make the most of everything we have to offer by following our Library Basics!

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