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16 April 2021

Library Basics Part 4: Choosing the right resources

Are you in your first trimester at Deakin or returning to study after a break? We’ve got you covered. Each week, we’re sharing a library tip, tool or service we think you should know about. The library is key to your success at  uni – make the most of everything we have to offer by following our Library Basics!

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When searching for books, articles and multimedia to support your learning, you’ll have to make decisions about which information to examine more closely. That starts with making sure you have a good range to select from.

Often Library Search, databases, Google and other search tools turn up too many results to go through when you first start out. If this is the case, try refining your search by limiting the resource types or changing your keywords to make them more specific.

Once you have a good selection of resources to choose from, you’ll need to evaluate your information to determine its suitability for use. Watch the video below and look at the tips to learn how to evaluate information.

CRAAP acronym

The CRAAP test is an easy to remember tool to help you with evaluating information:

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Originally published on Article, the Deakin Library blog.

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