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25 March 2021

COVID-19 case and outbreak management

The correct and timely response to a suspected case of COVID-19 at Deakin is crucial to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors. Below is an outline of the required steps that must be taken should a student or staff member become ill during a learning activity or while carrying out work responsibilities.

Responding to a student or staff member who becomes ill with flu-like symptoms on campus or during a University-related activity 

In the event a student, staff member, or visitor becomes unwell and/or is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 – use the Symptom Checker – the person will need to:

Advise either:​​​​​​​

Please refer to the University’s testing and notification guidance for more information.

Responding to a confirmed or close contact case of COVID-19 

Note: It is most likely that confirmation of a COVID-19 case will come to the individual from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

In the event that a staff member, student or other who is a confirmed case of COVID-19, or is deemed to be a close contact by DHHS, the person notified will need to:

Contact Deakin Security on 1800 062 579. Security will notify:

The CIMT lead is notified and will triage the case to determine appropriate incident response, including liaison with DHHS, communication with the Deakin community, and cleaning and other logistical requirements.

The University will report a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis with WorkSafe as mandated.

The University will work under the instruction of the DHHS with respect to any need to notify students, staff or anyone else based on DHHS’s contact tracing activities.

After notifying Deakin of a positive COVID-19 test, the notifying person will be asked to provide a copy of your DHHS clearance certificate or evidence of a negative test result.

Key contacts

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COVIDSafe app

Deakin encourages staff, students and others to download the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app. The COVIDSafe app helps find close contacts of COVID-19 cases and also assists state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

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