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Published 4 January 2021

Get quick and confidential online advice with Ask Counselling

Counselling and Psychological Support

Offering free confidential psychological support to Deakin students, our counsellors are all highly skilled psychologists and social workers.

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Welcome to 2021! We hope you had a restful break and are starting the year reinvigorated after an extremely challenging 2020.

But if you’re not feeling on top of the world – perhaps you’re dealing with ongoing challenges from COVID-19, or you’re struggling with assignments, personal problems or your mental health – that’s OK too. And you’re not alone – many of your peers are likely feeling the same way or wondering how to cope.

Deakin is here to support you with a range of help. This includes personal counselling if you’d like to talk to someone – but we understand this may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never had counselling before.

If you’re not ready to take that step but would like some professional advice in a confidential and safe space, we encourage you to look at our Ask Counselling blog.

How does Ask Counselling work?

Ask Counselling is an online resource that offers advice on emotional and psychological issues from Deakin’s professional Counselling and Psychological Support (CAPS) counsellors. You can either browse existing questions and answers, or post your own question for a personalised reply.

The most amazing thing about the blog is that it’s real questions asked by current Deakin students. So anything you read about on Ask Counselling has been a problem faced by someone like you – a student feeling overwhelmed, alone or unsure.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

In a word: anything!

There’s heaps of topics to explore, including anxietyloneliness, family problemsonline study and exams. They’re all categorised by topic, so you can easily find the area you’re interested in.

You could start by reading the existing discussions and then post your own question if you want specific advice. A CAPS counsellor will respond within 72 hours with a tailored reply to your issue.

Will my name be published?

No, your name won’t be published. We do publish the questions and answers on Ask Counselling so that others can benefit too – but it’s all anonymous, so no one will know what you’ve asked.

What if I want to talk to someone one-on-one?

Ask Counselling doesn’t replace personal counselling – if you feel ready, we recommend you speak to a Deakin CAPS counsellor. Our team offers free and confidential support to Deakin students from highly skilled psychologists and social workers. It couldn’t be simpler to arrange a counselling session – book online now.

You’ll have a real-time telehealth appointment with a member of the CAPS team, which means you’ll speak to your counsellor over the phone or via Zoom.

Ask Counselling is not a 24-hour service for students in crisis. If you need immediate emergency help, you should contact LifeLine or SuicideLine now.

Also check out our eWellbeing Hub in DeakinSync for some awesome digital resources that may help you to feel better, both physically and emotionally.

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