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Students talking at Burwood Campus

27 November 2020

Need some help? Specialist advice is available to you as an international student at Deakin

Did you know as an international student, specialist support is available to you during all stages of your studies at Deakin?

From the time you enrol at Deakin and begin planning your journey to Australia, to the time you graduate, you can seek advice on a range of matters including: 

Who should I speak to if I need advice?

For all enquiries, please contact Student Central during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm). If they can’t help you immediately, the staff at Student Central will refer you to the relevant specialist services you need.

You can also submit an enquiry to Student Central online.​​​​​​​

You can also access a range of Deakin services for help

You may also like to consider the range of student services at Deakin, which can help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing while you’re studying in Australia.

Remember if you’re still not sure where to go, just contact Student Central, who can direct you to services right across the University. 

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