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19 November 2020

Three quick questions with Nirja

Nirja Jayeshbhai Mehta is studying a Master of Information Technology (Professional) and she answered three quick questions for us!

How did you feel about transitioning to online study?

When the pandemic started, everything shifted online. For me, it was not at all difficult to study online. Everything went smoothly thanks to Deakin and its digital infrastructure.

What felt like the biggest challenge during this time?

Being an international student, the main challenge for me was being away from family during a global crisis. I had never gone away from my family till now, and when I did, it turned out to be the longest time. Moreover, I lost my job at what felt like a very critical time, as I’m sure many other students did too.

Nirja taking a break at Student Central in Burwood

What’s a snapshot of how 2020 has looked for you?

With no job, I spent a lot of my time sitting within the same four walls staring at my laptop screen, either studying or binge-watching random things. Although it has felt hard at times, I have tried not to have too many expectations of myself.

These past four months have been uniquely hard for many. Most have seen ups and downs financially, mentally and socially. I am so glad that I have come through to the other side and we are starting to see things open up again.

Now that things are getting better, I am hoping for exciting new beginnings and an enjoyable university experience for all who are in or have been in a similar situation to myself.

Seek professional help if you need to

If you feel like you’re just not coping, please reach out for help. We offer a range of free support services that you can access from home:

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