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19 November 2020

Got a tricky assignment? Get immediate help with your writing in our online drop-in sessions

To succeed at university, you’ll be required to develop strong critical thinking and assignment writing skills. We all have areas that we could improve, so have a think about where you tend to get stuck when you’re compiling an assignment.

Wherever your assignment woes lurk, don’t lose precious marks on areas you could easily strengthen with a little friendly advice. That’s where our Writing Mentor drop-in sessions can help you!

What are Writing Mentors?

Writing Mentors are experienced students who can help you with many different aspects of your academic life. They can offer you tips on researching, understanding assignment questions and how to plan and structure your work. Writing Mentors can also help you review any feedback you’ve received on previous assignments so you can think about the academic skills you’ll need to focus on in your next assessments.

You can speak to a Writing Mentors online during their drop-in times for free, personalised study support and advice on your assignments.

So I can speak to a Writing Mentor without making an appointment?

You sure can! Throughout Trimester 3, Writing Mentors will be available each week during the following online drop-in times on Blackboard Collaborate.

To find out more or join a drop-in session, visit the Study Support site. Outside of these hours, when the drop-in spaces are unstaffed, you can also email a brief query to our Writing Mentors who will usually respond within 24 hours. 

What should I expect when I join a Writing Mentors drop-in session?

To attend a session, enter the Blackboard Collaborate space during the specified drop-in times and a Writing Mentor will be online to welcome you.

Do not be concerned if you are not greeted by a Writing Mentor as soon as you arrive, as the mentors may be with another student in a separate ‘breakout room’ which are private spaces to discuss your work.

Please be patient as sometimes there are busier periods during the drop-in sessions – once the available Writing Mentors are finished speaking with earlier attendees, they will rejoin the main drop-in space where you are waiting to introduce themselves and ask how they can help you.

I don’t know if a Writing Mentor can help me – I’m not even sure where to start! 

There may be times you’ll feel overwhelmed when beginning a new assignment. Whether you are new to uni, lacking confidence in a particular unit or you’re simply not sure of what direction to take on a certain topic, it will help you to talk things through with someone who is trained to identify writing issues and offer practical help.

You can be assured that our Writing Mentors know what it’s like to tackle complex assignments and will be able to offer you the advice you need!

Do I have to do anything to prepare for my chat with a Writing Mentor?

See our past interviews with Writing Mentors Maddison and Claudia for handy advice about how you can improve your assignments and get the most out of your time with a Writing Mentor, and below are three top tips to get you organised before you join a drop-in session.

Ready to chat to a Writing Mentor?

Get in touch with a Writing Mentor today via the Study Support site. While uni assignments can be complex, they are all manageable once you learn how to approach them in a step-by-step, methodical way – and our Writing Mentors can show you how! 

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