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DUSA Student Representative Emily Sagolj

18 November 2020

Meet Emily, your new DUSA President

Welcome Emily Sagolj, our new Student Association (DUSA) President!

Emily is a fourth-year Commerce and Law student majoring in Economics. She was previously the DUSA Assistant General Secretary and is excited about stepping up to the role of President. This year has been a difficult year for students and Emily is keen to make a difference.

‘Students are undeniably doing it tough. I wanted to step up to the role of President as I have the experience and resilience to lead DUSA, plus I have a great team to support me. I want to alleviate some of the pressure students are feeling,’ said Emily.

Why did you join DUSA?
I found a sense of community when I joined DUSA. Once I started getting involved in club events and meetings, university became so much more fun. DUSA is also there to reduce the day-to-day pressures students face.

What has DUSA achieved so far this year?

Achievements include: 

What do you have planned for DUSA in the future?

Plans include:

Why should students join DUSA?
You have probably heard about the awesome merchandise, but DUSA is so much more. It provides a Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS), financial counselling, legal service, scholarships, support and funding for clubs and events, transport assistance and survival centres. Students can attend short trips and tours organised by DUSA. Gain some new connections and join a club. There are more than 120 clubs so you are sure to find one that interests you.

This sounds awesome. How can Deakin students be a part of the DUSA Committee?
There are a few different ways. Nominating during DUSA’s annual elections. If the election is over, you can contact the General Secretary who will let you know if there are any vacancies. If there are no spots available, get involved by becoming a DUSA Crew member. Crew members assist with DUSA events. By being part of the DUSA crew, you get a chance to meet everyone involved at DUSA.

How do students voice their concerns to the committee?

You can:

If you are unsure of the best person to contact, get in touch with DUSA and we can direct to the best person or resource to assist you.

Edited version of article originally published on the DUSA website.

Join DUSA today!

DUSA is the voice of students and we want to ensure that voice remains true and strong – everything we do at DUSA goes straight back into creating the best possible student experience for YOU!

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