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20 October 2020

Worried about the safety of your online information? Protect yourself with Multi-Factor Authentication

Have you heard of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s actually a simple way to protect your personal or sensitive online information – and it’s now available to all students.

MFA verifies your identity when you log in to Deakin applications that currently use single sign-on (SSO). Using an extra layer of security in addition to a username and password helps to protect your accounts from unauthorised access.

Keeping your personal information safe is extra important as we all study online. During the online exam period, our Cyber Security team is reporting that more student accounts are being targeted, so take a few minutes to set up MFA and make sure you’re fully protected.

How do I set up and use MFA?

To make it an easy process, we run our MFA through an app called DUO Mobile. To get started with MFA:

What if I forget my mobile?

Don’t stress if there’s times when don’t have your DUO-registered device on you! IT Help offers self-service support so you can still access Deakin systems and tools securely using an MFA bypass code.

Where can I find help or more information?


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