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12 October 2020

You can create your T3 timetable from Monday 26 October

It’s nearly time to create your Trimester 3 timetable in STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration), so read on for all you need to know!

Most classes and seminars will be delivered online in T3

Limited campus access means that the majority of your classes and seminars for T3 will be online.

Other learning experiences, such as practicals, may be held on campus. Some of these learning experiences will be available when STAR opens, while others may be added as physical distancing requirements change. If other learning experiences are added, additional timetabling information will be provided to you.

Who should create a T3 STAR student timetable

When to create your T3 timetable

How to enter your preferences

Check out the STAR webpage and instructional video for some easy-to-follow directions. Note that COVID-19 restrictions mean that your T3 student timetable will look slightly different:

Find more information and view the provisional timetable

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