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Akshitha Menon

Published 5 October 2020

Student Akshitha shares her top tips for preparing for exams

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How’s your exam revision going? As the end of the trimester looms, it’s a busy time as we’re all managing increased study workloads amid our other commitments.

Akshitha Menon, who is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin’s Burwood Campus, tells us how she’s getting ready to sit her online exams for T2 since adapting to online study last trimester

How have you been coping with study and life in general over the past few months?

Since we’ve all been cramped within the walls of our house and leading a monotonous routine in lockdown, it’s natural for anybody to feel frustrated and wearisome. In these circumstances, I have focused on achieving a healthy balance between my online study and life by sticking to a fun daily schedule.

My routine incorporates sufficient time for assignments and social media to catch up with my friends, accompanied by some baking! I recommend creating a daily schedule that works best for you – you’ll be astonished to see how you can feel active and motivated all day long.

Deakin’s digital workload planner has been exceptionally helpful in managing my assignments and organising my trimester as a whole. The digital planner helps me to systematically organise my work time, family time and study time.

What are your top tips for preparing for exams?

Did you learn anything from undertaking online exams in Trimester 1 that you’ll apply this time around?

The online exams in Trimester 1 went quite well for me, as I attempted the practice exams which prepared me on what to expect and how to approach the questions.

Time management is the key to acing any exam. I will ensure I allot reasonable time at the end of my exams to review my writing. It is very important to review the exam guidelines and take note of sensitive instructions, where non-adherence could be penalised.

What Study Support or other Deakin resources have you used and found helpful?

In addition to the study workload planner, I think one of the best study support services provided at Deakin is Smarthinking. This online service has helped me extensively with reviewing my assignments, as well as allowing me to drop-in or schedule sessions with a tutor for more personalised advice. Cloud Deakin alone includes a plethora of resources to support you throughout the trimester, using them wisely is a good way to excel.

Good luck Deakinites for your exams! 😊

Thanks Akshitha!

Looking for more help as you prepare for your exams? See our handy guide to T2/S2 exams and final assessments, plus these tips for building your exam confidence and helpful advice on what pitfalls you can avoid when preparing for online, open-book exams. The Study Support page also offers many resources to help you complete your final assessments and exams. 

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