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2 October 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 Students Helping Students Awards recipients

Deakin has recognised the achievements of some of our most outstanding peer mentors with the Students Helping Students (SHS) Awards.

What is peer mentoring at Deakin?

Peer mentoring is an integral part of Deakin and contributes to an atmosphere of community, confidence and belonging on our campuses.

Learning happens everywhere at Deakin – not just in seminars, labs and the library, but between students as well. The SHS initiative fosters this learning community, creates important partnerships and guides the fantastic work our peer mentors do every day. 

The 2020 Awards recipients

University study can be demanding, which is why the support of student mentors is so valuable. We extend our sincere thanks to our dedicated student mentors for all their efforts in making life easier for their fellow Deakin students, especially in light of the challenges we’ve faced this year.

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to celebrate this year’s Awards with a formal ceremony. However, we are very pleased to announce and congratulate this year’s Awards recipients.

‘Congratulations to the 2020 SHS Awards recipients,’ said John Devereaux, Executive Director of Student Life. ‘Deakin highly values your contribution to student engagement and learning. In such a challenging year, it is wonderful that SHS programs across the university continue to foster connections and contribute to student success.

‘Receiving this award is a great achievement, one that shows your commitment to the SHS Good Practice Principles and it recognises how your mentoring role supports the development of Deakin’s Graduate Learning Outcomes – well done.’

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Students Helping Students Awards:

Emerging award recipients: Apinya Chanthakett, Felicity Ramsay, Hetvi Shah, Jane Tyack.

Experienced award recipients: Elizabeth Mulvany, Hannah Robertson-Sas, Indigo Erez, Nikolaus Wrobel, Daniel Coomber.

Senior award recipients: Hoa Pham, Indira Unnava, Patricia Michelis, Rakshit Jain, Somil Turakhia.

Learn more about student peer mentoring

If you want to benefit from the mentoring experience, or become a mentor yourself, visit the Students Helping Students website to learn more. You never know who you might meet, what you might learn and how you might grow.

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