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17 September 2020

Deakin does not tolerate unethical conduct – here’s how you can report it anonymously

When you join Deakin as a student, you enter a community that strives to support your growth by promoting collective values and standards relating to excellence, inclusiveness, sustainability and ethical conduct.

Similar to academic integrity rules that require you to produce and submit your work in an honest and fair way, Deakin’s values extend to how you behave and your experiences with others around you. We all have a part to play in upholding Deakin’s values, and this begins with conducting ourselves with honesty, professionalism and integrity while also holding others accountable for meeting these standards.

All students and staff must abide by Codes of Conduct

The University’s integrity is underpinned by its Codes of Conduct, which set out the standards of responsible and ethical behaviour expected of all Deakin students and staff.

Deakin’s Office of General Counsel recently published a new Deakin Integrity webpage to inform students, staff, associates and the public of the University’s commitment to ethical conduct, its governance accountabilities and how potential or suspected breaches of its Codes of Conduct can be confidentially reported. Deakin Integrity includes information about:

If you encounter unethical conduct at Deakin, you can report it anonymously

To report instances of fraud, corruption and/or improper conduct at Deakin, you can choose to confidentially report any issues directly to the University’s appropriate contacts or alternatively submit an anonymous report via an independent external reporting service. 

Not sure what type of behaviour warrants a report? 

The types of issues that may constitute problematic behaviour – and should be reported – include:

Please note, neither Stopline and Deakin can receive public interest disclosures. If you wish to make a public interest disclosure, and benefit from the statutory safeguards afforded by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012, you must make a disclosure directly to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) or the Victorian Ombudsman. You are still welcome to contact Deakin Integrity at [email protected] for advice and support if needed.

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