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7 September 2020

Security alert: beware of online scammers targeting international students

We have recently received reports of a scam in which international students at Deakin have been contacted with an unsolicited offer for employment.

Several international students have reported they’ve received an email from a travel group offering them a job for which they never applied. It is possible the scammers contacted the students with details obtained from their LinkedIn profiles.

You should be wary of emails or other communications you may receive that are unsolicited or unexpected – you will not be offered a legitimate job in Australia by someone you do not know if you have not submitted an application.  

What sort of scams do I need to look out for?

In addition to being suspicious of unsolicited job offers, police and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch have also recently issued warnings about other known scams that are often targeted towards international students in Australia.

What can I do to stay safe from online scams?

Remember to remain cautious about your online activity and to stop and think before you click! 

Cybercriminals intentionally play on our emotions, particularly during times of emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to force people to make decisions quickly. Always stop to think about a request for you to click or download a link or provide personal information, and whether the request is appropriate.

Remember these tips and stay safe online!

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