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2 September 2020

Are you a film or sports buff? Obsessed with Harry Potter? Join DUSA’s trivia fun!

Are you looking for fun experiences to share with others in lockdown? Take a break from the books and attend one of DUSA’s online trivia events for an exciting night in! All are welcome and you’ll get to meet new people, showcase your smarts and have a good laugh as well. 

Fancy yourself the sporty type?

Think you know sport? Do you know the difference between juice and deuce? Come along to our sports trivia night on Thursday – being held as part of DUSA U Belong Week (Monday 31 August–Friday 4 September) – to put your knowledge to the test! Hosted by Deakin’s Sport Ambassador Jake Porter, the session will be light and entertaining (with maybe just a little friendly competition!) and you could take home the sports trivia gold.

Sports trivia night
Thursday 3 September, 5–6pm via Zoom

Or perhaps movies are more your thing?

Conquer questions from Hollywood to Marvel and everything in between! If you’re a seasoned cinema-goer or simply love a night on the couch with a good movie, register for this trivia night to talk all things film! 

Movie trivia night
Wednesday 16 September, 5–6pm via Zoom

Are you just wild about Harry?

If you’re one of millions who have been spellbound by this global literary and film sensation, channel your inner Hagrid and attend the DUSA Harry Potter trivia night! Whether you’re Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, all are welcome to join this magical evening.

Harry Potter trivia night
Wednesday 30 September, 5–6pm via Zoom

Looking for more online fun?

DUSA are hosting a range of online events for U Belong Week 2020 and throughout the rest of the year – see the Events Calendar on the DUSA site for more!

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