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26 August 2020

We all need to feel like we belong: get inspired, creative and connected during DUSA U Belong Week

Now, more than ever, we all need to take special care of ourselves, of each other and find new ways to share in some fun.

What makes you feel a sense of connection, meaning and happiness? Belonging can mean different things for everyone.

That’s why from Monday we’re kicking off a week of activities and events to celebrate DUSA’s U Belong Week 2020 (Monday 31 August–Friday 4 September)! We want you to feel inspired to get creative, learn something new, have some laughs with your fellow students and enjoy all the progress you’ve made so far this trimester.

Here’s a sneak peek of what DUSA has planned for you next week.

Find your inspo

Keep an eye on DUSA’s Facebook and Instagram channels throughout the week for our ‘pin your positivity’ boards, featuring our favourite inspirational quotes plus recommendations on what to watch, read, listen to and do to keep your spirits high! 

Whip up a new dish

During the week we’ll be sharing a range of easy-to-follow recipe videos made by our very own Deakin students from a diverse range of cultures. So get your MasterChef hat on and see if you can cook them yourself at home! 

Create your own COVID face masks

It seems we’ll be donning COVID masks for a while, so why not learn how to make your own stylish versions for yourself and your loved ones? On Tuesday we’re holding a free online mask-making session, so bring along a cuppa and join us! You’ll get to chat to other students while we show you how to craft your own reusable COVID masks. All you need to do is bring along your mask-making materials (here’s the material list), plus the instructions

COVID mask-making social session
Tuesday 1 September, 2–4pm via Zoom

Get social

On Wednesday, we’re holding a fun online social session hosted by DUSA’s student leaders. Come along for a casual chat where we’ll play some games, have a laugh and kick off an informal chat about anything and everything, from how you’re coping at the moment to what belonging means to you. You’re welcome to bring along with any questions you’d like to ask us too!

U Belong Week social session
Wednesday 2 September, 2–3pm via Zoom

Have a ball at our sports trivia night

Think you know sport? Do you know the difference between juice and deuce? Come along to our sports trivia night on Thursday to put your knowledge to the test. Hosted by Deakin’s Sport Ambassador Jake Porter, the session will be light and entertaining (with maybe just a little friendly competition!) and you could take home the sports trivia gold!

Sports trivia night
Thursday 3 September, 5–6pm via Zoom

See you next week!

Staying connected to each other and to those things which give us meaning is important for our wellbeing. Make sure you pop U Belong Week in your diaries and take a break from the books to join us at some point during the week, you never know who you might meet or what you might learn! See the DUSA site for more information about U Belong Week 2020 and we’ll see you at one or more of our catch-ups next week!

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