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17 August 2020

Ready to overhaul some unhealthy habits? Our eWellbeing Hub is your digital helper

Everyone wants to be as healthy and happy as possible, but being the best version of yourself can sometimes feel out of reach. You may be overworked, overwhelmed or struggling with a personal issue, and not always able to prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing.

This has been made even harder in recent times by the challenges we all continue to face from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is that help is right here at your fingertips. We’ve gathered a range of awesome digital resources that are designed to help you stay healthy, motivated, in control and happy while you’re studying at Deakin.

Our eWellbeing Hub is a collection of helpful articles and apps that give you practical advice and easy-to-implement strategies and routines to make long-term, tangible changes to your health and wellbeing.

In an easy-to-follow layout, these resources are categorised into a range of topics that reflect how you live, study and work, including:

So whether you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re suffering from anxiety, you need support to navigate your sexuality or you’d like to improve your diet and exercise routine, the eWellbeing Hub has stacks of advice and inspiration.

It also features a huge range of apps that you can integrate into your daily life and empower you to make long-lasting changes.

Try out meditation with Smiling Mind (Apple or Android), kick the smoking habit with My Quit Buddy (Apple or Android), start afresh after the end of a relationship with Breakup Shakeup (Apple) or kick off a new world of fitness with Couch25K (Apple or Android).

Don’t delay – visit the eWellbeing Hub today!

Other services

Our Health and Wellbeing Centres offer a range of services to support you during your time at Deakin.

These services are designed to help you stay healthy and safe – physically, mentally and spiritually. In most instances, they are available free of charge. We encourage you to reach out for help when you need it.

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